Urban Založnik

Urban Založnik, an author, and teacher of life improvement was born in Slovenia

, a small country that is part of the European Union. He was born to parents who had a hard time understanding each other. They had jobs in which they were not satisfied, and they also had bad genes in their genetic health history. Most of their relatives, mainly on Urban’s father’s side, had died of cancer at the age of 50 to 60 years. On his mother’s side, almost everyone died young from various cardiovascular diseases.

A background like that caused Urban to realize the importance of changing certain patterns of behavior and taking good care of himself, to achieve better results in areas of life such as finance, career, health, relationships, and personal growth.

Because of that decision, he took his formal and informal schooling very seriously. He studied physiotherapy and got his Master’s degree in clinical dietetics. At this point, he began to change his values and habits. He invested a lot of money, energy, and time into learning, and he changed himself a lot through that valuable process. Even today, he continues to work on himself.

He became a raw food vegan, got married, and now enjoys a beautiful relationship with his wife. He is also a self-proclaimed entrepreneur who founded the biggest at-home physiotherapy company in the country. He developed his method of physiotherapy and is working on globally developing his practice. Moreover, he founded another international company in London, through which he offers educations to people who would like to improve their lives by using his knowledge and experience to achieve their personal goals.

Books by Urban Založnik

  1. Raw vegan: Is Raw Vegan Harmful?
  2. Introverts: The Secrets of Successful Introvert in the Thrid Millenium
  3. Unique Smoothies on Super and Easy Way