Svitlana Zaporozhtseva

Starting work in the mid 90s, Svitlana was able to observe and pioneer the rapidly growing market. About 4 years after her initial job exposure, she began working for a large B2B/B2C distribution company in the Department of Marketing and Advertising. The 7 and a half years she worked there strongly developed her creative niche and insight. She worked with brands such as Siemens, Honeywell, Bosch, Tarkett, Pergo, Armstrong, Quick-Step, Ecowater, etc… Her vast experience in the beginning of the market and expansion into big industries allows her to have a well rounded understanding between Clients and Providers that is difficult to find or teach.

Partners in both marriage and business, Svitlana and Dmytro Zaporozhtsevs began their shared career nearly a decade ago with only $20.00 in their pocket, but they had passion for design, marketing, and sales. Together they founded Para-des Private Limited, a full-service design agency that harnesses the power of the outsource marketplace to provide outstanding services to independent start-ups, government contractors, and Fortune 500 companies. Outsourcing Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck is their first book.