Book Review: Simple Sweets: Tasty, Healthy & Vegan with 5 Ingredients or less.

Photograph by Rita

Simple Sweets: Tasty, Healthy & Vegan with 5 Ingredients or less Kindle Edition by Eva Terra is a recipe book, successfully brings what people really want from a cookbook which is a reality between the recipes and the world and the life of individuals trying to make them.

It successfully bridges the glamorous and often complicated recipe world with the daily habits of most people. That’s why all the recipes are only 5 ingredients.

I also like the fact that the recipes in this lovely book do not contain too many nuts, coconut oil, and coconut butter.

Another aspect of the recipes is that you can eat the desserts any day at any time during the day and without feeling guilty about calories.

Except for the incredible 60 recipes of the book, there are respectively 60 tips about nutrition that will make you more aware of the importance of a whole plant-based diet and lifestyle.

It provides an analytical and comprehensive list of alternatives ingredients to animal products that are used in the making of traditional deserts dairy, eggs which I found very useful and helpful and also saved me time on searching online.

The list of good kitchen appliances I found very informational and accommodating, and they are not a lot, a blender, a food processor, dehydrator and measuring cups.

All the recipes are suitable for people that are Vegan, allergic to dairy and eggs, lactose intolerance and people who avoid refines sugar and fat. Some of the recipes can be eaten by individuals who are allergic to nuts and gluten.

The abbreviations that the author uses are simple and easy to memorize which make the readability of the recipes even better.

The recipes are divided into the following categories:

  • Basic Recipes
  • Breakfast & Granolas
  • Raw Cakes, Slices & Roulades
  • Bars, Balls & Cookies
  • Baked Cakes, Cookies & Muffins
  • Desserts in a glass

Exactly! Now you understand why I love this book. It covers virtually all aspects of our daily life as sweets are concerned.

Every recipe is denoted with abbreviations if it’s vegan, gluten free and others.

A very short ingredients lists follow, and the preparation instructions are precise and easy to follow.

At the end of the recipe, the final result is shown beautifully with a photo, showing you exactly what you will expect.

At the end of each recipe, you have a tip that educates you about nutrition.

Highly recommended.

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