Patricia Hinkley

I earned a BS, an RN and a MA in Holistic Studies and Psychology. In the midst of raising two grown children, and serving clients, making art called to me, as did being active in the community, founding environmental groups and non-profit organizations.

My experiences as a holistic counselor, long-time meditator, artist, activist and mother bring perspectives worth sharing.

– Innate inner stillness is available to us all.
– Thoughtful choices for well-being arise from stillness.
– Actions from this level of care influence others.
– Everyone benefits from healthy changes.
– The earth is signaling us to do so.

Each of my books rests on these points. Chasing Sleep, my second book follows Claiming Space and Climate Sense will be published soon.

I live, with my little doodle dog and fluffy gray cat, near the ocean in southern Rhode Island.