Ntathu Allen

Ntathu Allen is a yoga and meditation teacher and author of more than 7 books who inspires and supports busy women to experience more pleasure and delight in their lives. 

She offers simple yoga exercises and breathing meditation techniques you can do at home or at work to help you release worry, feel calmer, and be more creative and focused. 

Ntathu originally trained as a Probation Officer working in a demanding inner-city Borough in South-East London supervising adult and young offenders in custody and in the community. 

She enjoyed her job, however, after the birth of her first daughter and 18 months later, twin daughters, Ntathu found it very stressful juggling being a mum and working as a Probation Officer. 

Coupled with this, Ntathu was dealing with the grief of the sudden deaths of a close cousin in 1995 and then her brother in 1997. 

She quickly found herself burnt-out, stressed-out and on the brink of exhaustion. During this period, Ntathu found yoga and meditation and the healing and therapeutic benefits from these ancient practices, soothing to her soul. 

So, following her heart, in 2003 Ntathu made the hard decision to travel to India, by herself for 6 weeks and train as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher.

Upon her return home, Ntathu re-evaluated her life. 

She decided to resign from the Probation Service and set herself up as a self-employed yoga teacher, with a dream to teach yoga to young offenders and bring peace to the streets of London. 

Since then, the path of self-employment and running her own business has led Ntathu down many paths, including rediscovering her childhood joy of writing and becoming a blogger and now an author. Ntathu’s books include:

Ntathu believes if we all learnt how to meditate and practised yoga and breath work every day, the world will be a happier, more peaceful and healthier place. 

She offers free YouTube videos to encourage you to breathe and find your calm, and blog articles on yoga, health, and spirituality with weekly subscriptions via her website, Yoga Inspires.

You can learn more about Ntathu at www.yogainspires.co.uk and contact her at ntathu@yogainspires.co.uk