Nikos Dimitriou

Born (April 1983) and raised in Xalkida, Evoia. He has studied Economics in Athens (BSc in Economics) and holds a Master degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick. After serving his mandatory military service in the Greek Navy, he decided to dive into the exciting corporate world and pursue a high-profile career as a manager. He used to be a specialist in Warehouse & Logistics Management and he managed to change four different companies in 5 years just because he had nothing to take after a year or so in each of them. Too much competition, too much strategy, too much politics, too much policies, too much shit to deal with! In his last company (an Italian multinational company) he even predicted the fall of the former CEO when he announced his resignation back in 2012 to the very same guy.

He likes traveling but most important he loves meeting new people & new cultures, blending in with locals, walking in their houses, being invited in food fiestas and exchanging opinions about the world. He hates any social contract and commitment that has to do with marriage, Greek private tolls across public highways, taxes, national elections and the Greek modern lifestyle. While growing up, he realized that he could not wait for the next public holiday or summer vacations in order to see the world. Unfortunately, terms like “gap year” or “sabbatical” are unknown in the Greek Labor Law. He decided, then, to take an initiative that actually was his very personal dream. He took the decision to quit his job and set free. Visiting Africa was a decent exchange for his much-wanted freedom but he never thought that his aspiration would be eventually aligned to Georgia’s dream to travel around the world and so in April 2012, he embarked on an epic trip.

Books by Nikos Dimitriou.

 1. Traveliving | a romantic & practical guide