Matt Perlinski

Matt Perlinski is one of the rare people who got psychosis from meditation, sexual dysfunction from trying to cure his masturbation addiction, and who gained 100 pounds of fat because of psychiatric drugs. That’s why he’s spent over 10 years on reading over 300 self-help books in an effort to help himself.

And although he lost all 100 pounds, recovered from psychosis, and beat his porn addiction (and all that without using drugs), he was confused by the incredible amount of pseudoscience and hype found on the self-help and spirituality market to-day. That’s why he’s now on a quest to de-hype the hype, and take the “pseudo” out of pseudoscience and create self-help for people who actually need it, so you can help yourself without hurting yourself as he did.

He’s also interested in exploring the science behind mysticism and finding a place between skepticism and belief in which everything occult and ‘magick’ was explained in an evidence based way.