Mary Khazak Grant, B.A. Psych., M.S. Educ.-Deaf Studies

Mary Khazak Grant, age 65, has been a “multipotentialite” from an early age.  She is a self-published writer, poet, fine artist, and textile handcrafter. She is also a teacher of the disabled.  Before coming to Rochester, her adopted home, she spent most of her life on Long Island in New York. In a prior career spanning over 25 years, Mary worked in many capacities in the fields of printing and publishing. As an independent entrepreneur, she owned and managed a desktop publishing business. After returning to college, she completed several degrees. These include a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook earned in 1998, and a Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders awarded in 2003 from Adelphi University, summa cum laude. She is a member of the Honorary Education Society Kappa Delta Pi as well as a permanently certified teacher of the deaf registered with the Council of Educators for the Deaf. Mary likes to volunteer in her free time, and participates in many local clubs.

As a poet:  Mary Khazak Grant has received several awards from In June, 2008, she received the “Editor’s Choice Award” from the International Library of Poetry.  Her poems have been sold on recorded cassette. She was once invited to their convention in Florida to receive a “Bronze Plaque Award” for her achievement on their website.


Her poem entitled Prayer was published in 2003 by Poetry Today magazine in a hard cover supplement anthology entitled Measures of the Heart. Mary is an active member of the Rochester Poets literary club. In October, 2016, she was that month’s honored Reader of Poetry.

Her story entitled Riverside (unfinished, serialized) was published in the digital literary magazine Rundelania in May, 2017. A second installment will be published there in November, 2017.