Mark Wayne Smith

Mark Wayne Smith is a self-described ‘contented stay at home house husband’ and author. In his 25+year career as an engineering and management consultant he was engaged by clients across the country in industries as diverse as healthcare, basic manufacturing, hi tech, government and hospitality. While each engagement was unique, the common thread running through them all was uncovering the hidden simplicity inside every complex problem. 

In the prime of his career his life was changed forever in 2007 when he entered treatment for alcoholism. On the outside, it seemed like the career he loved was coming to an end… and it did… but God had bigger plans for Mark than he ever realized. What seemed like the closing of one door was actually the gateway to another, brighter future where he discovered more about his own identity, his walk with God and his calling.

Today as an author his passion for problem solving continues…helping others see the possibilities in setbacks and finding the hidden simple solutions lurking inside every complex problem. He both speaks and writes with passion about the typically unseen possibilities in every ‘problem’ situation, and relishes the moments when he is privileged to be a part of someone’s ‘a-ha’ moments.

With a special talent for transferring knowledge in simple and useable fashion, he has always been regarded as a teacher figure by his clients. Throughout his career he received many personal accolades from Board chairmen, managers, and hourly employees alike who thanked him for helping them find solutions for problems they thought were ‘un-solvable’. In all of his achievements, he continues to give all the glory to God and remembers the One who has given him everything. 

Whether one is listening to his message or reading his work, it’s clear that Mark’s goal is to share his experiences and guidance to help others see that “Every problem has a solution, and it’s probably simple. Every setback is an opportunity to grow…but only if it’s seen through new eyes.”

Mark has been married to his wife, Bonnie, for over 34 years and together they have two adult children, both accomplished pianists, who found and married…two more musicians. Their nest is hardly empty, however, thanks to their four rescue cats. Outside of writing, Mark enjoys running, swimming, and kettlebells, cooking (and eating!) and sports of all kinds. He has done extensive genealogical research for both his and Bonnie’s families, and has discovered among other things: two signers of the Declaration of Independence and a ‘perhaps tenuous but still there’ lineage back to Charlemagne.