Kate C.

Lisa Hyde lives with her adopted tomcat who is not vegan-friendly but very food-friendly. Whenever she cooks, the nosy kitty-food-inspector has to be banished from her kitchen. Apart from the occasional cooking and work, Kate spends the rest of her time vacuuming loose cat hair (and some whiskers) around the house.

Here are her books published under several pen names:

Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: 10 Ingredients Recipes To Help You Save Time & Money

Empath’s Ultimate Guide To Shield Yourself From Negative Energies: Simple Action Plan Included

Declutter Your Mind: Simple Action Plan To Quiet Your Mind & Negative Thoughts

How To Be Owned By A Cat: Simple Action Plan For First Time Cat Owners Who Have NO Idea What They Are Getting Into

You can visit her blog here: https://booksreview365.wordpress.com