Jerald Albritton

Jerald grew up in beautiful San Diego, CA and as it’s a tourist destination, he decided to attend San Diego State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a minor in Religious Studies. He not only enjoys constructing bridges and structures but ourselves internally and externally as well. The search for his dreams, the grit, and wit of his life contributed to his resilient curiosity about change, the human mind, and our life path. He has studied hundreds of interviews, debates, documentaries, anime, and read countless articles, blogs, books, and anything relevant in which would equip him with invaluable knowledge pertaining to life. His zodiac sign is a cusp of a Cancer and a Leo and he is of house Gryffindor and Stark for all you Harry Potter and Game of Thrones lovers out there.

Stuff He Loves: Basketball, Connect Four, Eating, Music, Ping Pong, Relaxing, Sleeping, Working Out and Working Hard.

Instagram: Jalbritton52