Georgia Micheli

Born (March 1983) and raised in Evoia. She grew up in Aliveri until the age of 18, before moving to Kavala (North Greece). She has studied Oil & Gas Engineering and of course she has never practiced what she studied. There is no such a job market in Greece! She spent the last 4 years (2007-2011) working as a Quality Control Analyst in a winery outside of Xalkida.

Getting bored and even angry with her job, her employer and her supervisor, she decided to take a long step and make her little dream come true. She was always dreaming to travel around the world. However, she never thought she could make it happen by meeting a like-minded guy, selling almost everything, buying a second-hand car and leaving her family, friends and routine behind without having fulfilled the two greatest accomplishments that every Greek woman has to: getting married & having a Big Fat Greek Family! She cooks GREAT, she is a genuine giver, she knows how to keep everything clean, neat and tidy, she is doing her best on navigation and she only starts complaining when she is hungry or tired. She is a very easy going person as long as you keep her mind busy with stuff of her interest and she gets really upset when she deals with hypocritical people. Did I mention that she is very sensitive?