Eve Picard

Eve Picard AKA The Soul Hacker is a Certified Professional Coach and former Corporate Finance Lawyer and Law Lecturer. After a successful career in law, practicing in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Eve decided to retire from the law in her late 30’s to discover her life purpose. She had always been drawn towards psychology and was the unofficial life coach in every law firm she worked at. Her dream was to find a way to help people undertake the process she was going through of finding herself and her life purpose so that they might live passionate and fulfilling lives. Working in the law, Eve had been surrounded by so many incredibly talented and gifted people for whom the law was a well-paid career, rather than their life purpose. Similarly, although Eve has always been passionate about Justice, Corporate Finance Law did not feed her soul. It seemed to her that so many people tend to live ‘small’ lives without ever questioning why.

The death of Eve’s husband, Curig, by suicide, served to intensify Eve’s desire to assist people in living lives that reflect their true potential rather than living small lives out of fear and a need for security. Although Curig was an incredibly successful MD, Ph.D., he had been consumed by fear and suffered in life as a result. Eve learned from her time with him together with her other life experiences that fear is the most critical factor that blocks so many people from living life free. She knew that there had to be a way to allow people to reach a place where, instead of living their lives in pursuit of the next paycheck out of fear, they are able to consciously choose to pursue their life purpose from a place of passion. In the years before and following her husband’s death, Eve studied and processed her own life lessons to better understand the role that fear plays in preventing people living a passion filled and joyful lives that are absent drama. What she developed was a series of Soul Hacks that are tools to help us eradicate fear from our minds so that we might be free.

After becoming a Certified Professional Coach, Eve knew the time had come to share these Soul Hacks with the world so that others might Soul Hack their own souls and find the joy, peace, and passion for life and in life that she has found.