Erin Geil

Erin Geil started creating poetry before she was able to hold a pencil in her hands or make much sense of the alphabet. A very patient and kind mother played secretary to a very insistent four-year-old who wanted to rhyme about the ins and outs of bathroom behavior. She evolved over the next three decades and graduated to more appropriate poetry topics such as sex, depression, and love gone horribly wrong.

A graduate of West Virginia University with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree her work has been published in her alma mater’s “Calliope” journal. Currently, she is hard at work finishing up several projects. A prompt book entitled, The 30 Something’s Guide: Abandoning Baggage Through Writing; her prized “child” of twelve years, a suspense thriller novel, The Great American; a poetry book inspired by brands of wine, entitled, The Wino’s Dirge. And finally, a non-fiction journey of her soon to be breast reduction, A Tale of Two Titties: From G to C.