Douglas Warren

The author is a former New Yorker from Hell’s Kitchen near Times Square, now living in Paris. Douglas has led a colorful life including working as a ship’s carpenter, stage designer, and stage director. He even worked as a therapist prior to retiring. He traveled for five years in Europe before settling in France.

During a three month stay on Cape Clear Island in the south of Ireland he began writing his first novel, “Montmartre Stairs: A Paris Love Story” This story chronicles the romance between an American banker and an ‘other-abled’ French woman. The American man is determined to stay in Paris over the objections of his rich and influential parents and his boss at the bank. He must decide whether to follow the safe path and keep his career or to give up all for love. The story is now available as an audiobook. 

In Morocco, the author began his second novel, “Nefarious by Nature” an erotic thriller set in Kent, England. A young couple becomes ensnared by a cult of the Marquis de Sade causing much mayhem in the small village and many sexual exploits. 

His third book, a collection of short stories, “The Pink Poodle and Other Stories” is available on Kindle or paperback. 

His third novel “Different Worlds” is the story of identical twins separated at birth. The brothers separately struggle against their addictions. 

The author’s novelette, “Kate: An Irish-American Love Story” is the story of an Irish-American who struggles between her love for an Englishman and loyalty to her Irish heritage. 

Nefarious Pleasures: The Sequel to “Nefarious by Nature”” is about how the queen of the cult, through her considerable erotic powers, conspires to break up the UK. 

He has recently completed his latest novel about an author attending a writers’ retreat in the south of France, a life-changing experience.