Don Lubov

Don has been happily married since 1976. He was an artist (drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture) for 34 years and exhibited his artwork at 3 New York City Art Galleries and the Heckscher Art Museum. He taught art and/or design at several universities, including Stanford University. He has written about spirituality and stress relief since 1971 when he experienced a spiritual awakening. 

Don is the author of 9 books. He has written for Yahoo Voices,, and His writings have been published in various magazines and books. He has successfully taught his “Six-Step Path” to inner peace to 2,000 people. One of his designs was accepted and juried in The World Trade Center Memorial Competition. He has taught his “Six-Step Path” for stress reduction for the past 12 years, at Del Webb and 3 local colleges.

He taught art on the university level for eight years. From 1971-1975 he backpacked, alone, 4,500 miles across the U.S., lived in communes, had adventures (here and in Mexico), and gathered notes for his memoir: “Near Death in the Gila National Forest“. Six of his most recent books can be found on Amazon, and on his website. He belongs to Writers Bloc of Summerfield, FL.