Dmytro Zaporozhtsev

Finding his way into graphics in the mid 90s, Dmytro worked for different companies where he learned new and emerging approaches, ideas to pre-press, manufacturing, sales strategies and marketing. Being able to see and understand the needs of a company as a business owner greatly strengthens Dmytro and his wife, Svitlana’s partnership and ability to provide companies the versatile mindset necessary for success.

Partners in both marriage and business, Svitlana and Dmytro Zaporozhtsevs began their shared career nearly a decade ago with only $20.00 in their pocket, but they had passion for design, marketing, and sales. Together they founded Para-des Private Limited, a full-service design agency that harnesses the power of the outsource marketplace to provide outstanding services to independent start-ups, government contractors, and Fortune 500 companies. Outsourcing Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck is their first book.