Dixie Lee Johnson

Dixie Lee Johnson is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She spent 10years in the US Army while raising two boys and was the first female to give birth to two children while on active duty. She was trained in X-ray technology then Ultrasound while in service. Ms. Johnson continued in the field of medical Ultrasound after leaving the military. She has lived in Korea and Saudi Arabia and traveled around the world visiting many countries.

She graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in Psychology and also acquired multiple medical registries during her life. She now resides in Melbourne, Florida.

Being the oldest of five siblings and three step-siblings gave her many experiences and opportunities to observe the family dynamic from an inquisitive perspective. All of which provided groundwork for the book. She reports that she has been writing this “manuscript” in her head for many years. And now she is thrilled to put it out there for others to experience and hopefully assimilate the lessons into their own lives.