D.S. Pais

D.S.Pais is a Singaporean author who has 19 books to her credit. She loves writing novella’s , poetry and self-help books. When she is not writing, she loves to workout (pilates), watch movies and read books. She lives in Singapore.

Best Sellers that appeared among top 100:
You can lose weight from 85 kg to 68 kg just like ME: Real Life Story
Poems – Book One
Poems Book Three
Poetry on Inspiring Women -Book One
Poetry on Inspiring Women -Book Three

Other Titles:


Rescue Book 2: Giselle
Matters of the Heart
An Unlikely Christmas
The spell of an irresistible woman: A Novella
The silhouette in the picture

Self – Help:

How to Identify My Greatest Passion in Life
A PRAGMATIC Method to face repeated failures
The Method


Poems Book 2: Poetry on Life, Fate, Gratitude and Acceptance
Poems Book Four
Poetry on Inspiring Women -Book Two