Chris Pearce

After 38 years in the public service and business sector, Chris Pearce now spends much of his time writing. His background in economics, statistics, accounting, management, marketing, history, research, writing, and editing lends itself to a variety of projects. He has researched and written a book on the history of daylight saving time, The Great Daylight Saving Time Controversy, published in April 2017. It includes the origins of daylight saving and details of the scheme in every country that has ever used it.

He has also written a historical novel, A Weaver’s Web, set in early industrial Manchester, United Kingdom. The book follows the lives of the Wakefield family through abject poverty to considerable wealth but the transition wasn’t easy and their new status brought them even more problems than they had as paupers.

His first book was an account of an early Australian convict, Thomas Pamphlett, in the nonfiction work, Through the Eyes of Thomas Pamphlett: Convict and Castaway. Pamphlett is best known for his time as a castaway with two others in the Moreton Bay area the year before the founding of Brisbane, now the capital of Queensland, Australia.

An ongoing project for him is family history. He has traced his family back to William the Conqueror and has members who escaped religious persecution in France (Huguenots) and Germany.

Chris tries to keep up his general fitness and health by walking 45 minutes a day and eating vegetables and fruit every day as well as fish and chicken several times a week. He gave up smoking and drinking a long time ago. He also bowls in a weekly tenpin bowling league, a sport he took up in 1972.

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Books by Chris Pearce:

  1. The Great Daylight Saving Time Controversy
  2. A Weaver’s Web
  3. Through the Eyes of Thomas Pamphlett: Convict and Castaway