Cheryl Meyer

CHERYL MEYER AKA CHERYL M HEALTH MUSE Cheryl is an entrepreneur and Type A personality. For the last 20 years, she has owned a sterling silver jewelry company where she designed jewelry for major retailers.

Previously, she was a General Store manager for a major department store where she managed and coached over 200 employees to be their best. Cheryl is as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, aka Cheryl M Health Muse.

She is a self-published author and an anti-toxin advocate. Why did she become a health muse? To put it just, Cheryl got sick, very sick. She had terrible pain and wasn’t finding answers. Now on the road to wellness, she wants to share what she has learned to help others. What can this health muse do for you? Cheryl will inspire you to take charge of your life and reduce your pain. She will help you find the answers you need for wellness.

She wants her journey back to welfare to assist you in your quest. Cheryl is a newly-wed, (at a ripe old age) and married for 2 years to her perfect match in the greater Pasadena, California area.

Cheryl happily reports, “I FEEL GREAT AGAIN, and so can you!”

Cheryl is available for individual and group coaching as well as public speaking and workshops.

You can contact her at and follow her on Facebook as Cherylmhealthmuse or on her Facebook book page at It Feels Good To Feel Good, reverse inflammation Want to be the first to know? Follow what she is doing next and stay informed with the latest and the most considerable new information. Her newsletters and blogs will be all about living the good life pain-free without toxins and without deprivation.