Charles Harwood

As a child, Charles loved to pretend to be Superman. Towel around his neck, he could take on anything except being old enough to go to school. That meant he had to “play well with others” and that was not something he had practiced. His Mother had to work most of the time to take care of him and his three sisters because his father left when Charles was only three. So he mostly lived in a solitary world of fantasy until he noticed girls and, well, that’s another story altogether. His first romance was probably the first time he began to share feelings with others, although certainly clouded in the haze of hormones.
Once marriage and then children started to play a part in his life, reality came to light, but he never could let go of his fantasy worlds. So when introduced to the concepts of metaphysics, he began wondering how much of his fantasies could be a reality and learned how to put the best to work.
Having experienced black magic, white magic, and the paranormal world first hand, Charles is ready to share and now an aspiring science fiction, fantasy writer, he enjoys testing the limits of reality and wants to challenge his readers to do the same.