Book Review: Our True Power Comes Within

Photograph by Ulrich B.

OUR TRUE POWER COMES FROM WITHIN: Embrace The Real You & Drop The Ego by Cheryl Usher is a balanced book that offers theory practice and many examples that enable the reader to identify that true power lies within us all.

The book is written in such a way that the reader will be initiated gradually to the definitions and issues the writer wants to explore and present to the world.

The idea for me that happiness does not depend on external actions was a vague notion for a lot of years. Only recently I realized that true happiness is indeed found when you search inwards and analyze your soul. This book helps you to see exactly that and also is useful with its many examples that are presented in its pages.

The lives of three famous people and one not famous is provided in this book as study cases, and they achieve their goals. These study examples in my humble opinion manage to show to the reader that even Great men like Alexander the Great and the Mongol chieftain Genghis Khan were afraid. What allowed them to be amazing and achieve what they achieve was the ability to recognize the fear and deal with it, they were able to see the forest and not just the tree.

The author by presenting these men way of thinking is telling us how we must start training our thought patterns to be able to stop being slaves to our emotions, to be able to stop allowing our emotions to limit our real potential in this world.

The author shows us how not to have doubts and no hesitation, to challenge and confront things and actions that make uncomfortable and be able to learn from those situations.

New perspectives and a new way of thinking are presented, breathing techniques that allow us to relax and instead of letting our feelings overwhelm us we learn how to put them aside and see for the first time objectively who we are and how actions and situations around us make us feel, act and react.

I liked a lot the notion that the author advocates that the evil actions generated and done by other people should be evaluated under new perceptive that will allow us to learn from them and not drag us down. By shutting ourselves from experiencing new emotions in fear that we might get hurt again is not the way to go and live our life’s.

The Definition of a leader is presented and also its behavior. A leader listens to his people and respects them all, does not blame others for his faults and mistakes. He is willing to learn from others.

Also the role of the amygdala in our emotional life and growth, definitions of IQ and EQ, functions and usefulness.

A charismatic person is a person that deals with difficult situations and hardships in his or her life effectively and efficiently without letting them alter your life goals.

One such person was Bruce Lee who toughs that you should learn from situations that we consider harmful. A martial artist should never stop search and research.

The author explores, analyze and explain the four personality types, the art of communication and which six ways successful communicators use are.

Dominant people are presented and how you can work with them.

How you can use bullying to your advantage and turn it into a tool where you can better yourself. Various forms of harassment and excellent examples are presented and explained.

This book, in my opinion, is essential to anyone that is soul searching, who wants to learn how to empower his or herself.

Highly recommended.

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