Book Review: Broken Silence

Photograph by Tama66
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Broken Silence by  Jamieya B-Johnson is a lovely self-help book which is based on the author’s own traumatic experiences.

The book is beautifully divided in three parts which for me represent different time periods of the author’s difficult life.

The book opens with a short description of the writers life, something like a lonesome actor preparing us for what will follow in the main play. I really liked that, a small prelude to prepare us and warn us.

The first part are poems that the author wrote when she was living with her abusive huspand and you can clearly see the mental and pstchological status of her mind. The one thing that made me really happy was that even she was having a bad time she kept her optimism that things will be better and her faith in God kept her going.

I liked a few of the poems that the one that I really liked was “Clutter”

I think the following verses say’s why:

The race to relieve yourself of pain alone is a wasted bid

Running away, enslaved by things you refuse to forgive.

The second part provides 7 inspirations that will help you with your life and becoming more aware. One for each day of the week, a practical mini guide that will help you find the balance in your life. Important issues like motivation, perseverance, hope and four more other useful attributes.

Part 3 addresses more personal matters like depression, bitterness, fear and other important and lifesaving issues.

It is a wonderful book and I recommend it to anyone that is feeling lost and wants to find some balance to his/her thoughts and also life.

I really enjoyed the beautiful marriage between poetry and prose it was refreshing.

Highly recommend it.


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