Andres Ponciano

My name is Andres Ponciano. A few years ago I quit my full time job and went out on my own to follow the dream of being an entrepreneur and live life on my terms. What happened was a different story from what I had planned. I found myself facing countless setbacks and not knowing what direction to take in life. This road led me to different types of work, new skills learned, lots of frustration, late nights working, and questioning whether what I was doing was the best use of my time.

As I worked towards the life I imagined, I found myself writing down countless notes from books, courses, and people I learned from. But they just sat there, on a desk, for my eyes only. I knew those ideas could help other people on their path. So to create value and help the most people, I started putting together the best ideas I could find on different subjects and writing them in books. Soon after my blog: was born. A place to share thoughts, findings, experiments, and eveything in between.

I am no expert. I’ve jumped around from place to place and job to job and lived in many countries. In college I studied music and worked as a full time musician for the first few years of my work life. Taught piano, bass, and guitar at music academies and gigged everywhere I could; playing from jazz to fusion to spanish rock. Then I burned out and started falling in love with the stock market. It was, unfortunately, unrequited love and although I eventually did manage to get a good handle on how things functioned, (I think), it was too late. I had burned out again and so had the money.

At that point in time I started to reassess my life and ended up in China (because that’s where people go to reassess their life). China was a breath of fresh air and provided lots of opportunities I never imagined. It also gave me a job teaching English, Spanish, TOEFL, and SAT. For the first time I felt control over my future. Eventually, I decided to move away and do something I considered more meaningful, with my life. That led me to a new place, a new beginning, and the pursuit of my own online business; work I could do from anywhere. was my first website. A guitar course I created with videos and an ebook, which I never marketed and decided to take down. Bitten by the internet bug, I started to learn about social media marketing, SEO, website design, and marketing. That’s where I spent the last two years; doing freelance consulting work for small businesses. In between that, I spent 4 months managing a Spanish Tapas restaurant. My work background is varied and it is sure to scare any HR department or recruiter (or make them laugh). Nonetheless, I am proud of it. I read somewhere that moving from job to job doesn’t look good on a resume. Paradoxically, it’s a sign of ambition in someone that is eager to continue improving their abilities and increasing the level of challenge in their life. Funny enough, that is also the definition of what psychologist’s refer to as, ‘flow.’

Robert Frost said it best, “two paths diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I may have taken those lines too literally. But it’s led down interesting places and provided multiple experiences and ideas that I share with you.

I’m just like anyone else, asking questions, seeking out answers, and testing them out. In the process, I try and provide you with the most useful stuff I find.