Alicia Su Lozeron

Asia-Literacy and Global Competence Mentor
Founder of AACS | Author
Licensed Secondary-School
English Language Arts and Chinese Mandarin Teacher
Think Global Live Noble

Alicia Su Lozeron is the author of numerous news/magazine articles and short stories. She holds a Master’s degree in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University in the City of New York, and is licensed as a secondary-school English Language Arts/Chinese Mandarin teacher in Las Vegas, NV. Through her writing career as well as the communication management company she founded, Asia-America Connection Society, she aims to raises awareness about global competence, and to connect the West to the significant economic and cultural contributions the Asian segment offers. Asia-literacy and Global Competence, a collection of her articles and vignettes, highlights her musings of cultural interactions and layouts for her many endeavors
Her debut novel, The Un-death of Me, depicts a world traveler and immigrant Asian American woman’s life in a fresh light. It is a fictional world full of contemporary and global resonance; it is about many subjects: alienation, individuality, self-doubt, self-discovery, complexities of love and marriage, quests of fulfillment and happiness, (in)justice, cultural diversity, discrimination, and mankind as a whole. Its subtle yet intense emotions detailed in the many characters and locales, render a visionary sense of humanity, gratifying and unforgettable in their own rights.

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